現在も全国各地のイベントや自身が開催した展覧会で描き続けている、笑達さん(たっちゃん)が自身のこだわりを 隅々まで体現するためにブランドを立ち上げることになり、 そのブランドアイデンティティから共に作り上げることになった。

それは写真からでは汲み取れない、相手のいろいろを描きたいからだろうし、またその人自身が知らないその人の 魅力を描いてみせてあげることのよろこびをたっちゃんが知っているからだろう。
機能、効率を重視する社会の流れとは真逆のスタンスで、それぞれの人の生活に似顔絵を という思いからNIGAOEの 前に&をつけて、&NIGAOEとした。

In the field of portrait art, many artists paint from photos, but
Tacchan decided to keep meeting with his subjects in person.

He started drawing portraits or nigaoe more than ten years ago when he was in university. Today, the number of portraits he drew is more than 35,000 people. Shotatsu, aka Tacchan, still draws at local events around Japan and his exhibitions. He recently launched his own brand, which represents his work with every detail, and we made its brand identity together.

In the field of portrait art, many artists draw from photos, but Tacchan decided to keep meeting his subjects in person. Photos cannot give him everything, and he also like to draw the subject’s details. Tacchan knows, too, how people get happy when he shows them their charms that photos cannot capture. We added “&” before NIGAOE to make &NIGAOE because unlike the tendency of the society, which prioritizes efficiency and functionality, he wants to give each life a portrait.

There are many of his work and event photos on the website so we hope you check it.